Learner Stories

“Before I came to Futureworks, I was shy and I wouldn’t speak. Being here has brought me out of my shell and I am more confident and have more self-belief.
I love being here, having my one to one. I can get a lot off my chest and I usually feel better when I have been here.” – Kirsty

“Futureworks have helped me with my maths & English. They have also helped me do my CV for jobs that I can now have a try at.
My Mentor was very helpful and I have now moved onto the Community Works programme to do some practical work” – Louisa

“Hi my name’s Dan. When I started Futureworks, they helped me get on track. I have recently started doing my maths and English. They have helped me realise I can be who I want to be and achieve my goals and that anything is possible when you dedicate yourself to it.
Futureworks are amazing, they have helped me with come off drugs and other issues in the past and they are always there 100% when you need them.
I think Futureworks plays a big part in who I am today.” – Dan

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