Futureworks is all about supporting you

We offer one-to-one and small-group work, with practical community projects aimed at your personal development

Community Works

The project is open to everyone aged 18-25 and there are no minimum requirements to join.

We welcome anyone who enjoys practical work, our groups are small and welcoming.

Support Services

Our support service has been designed to help you build your confidence in all areas of your life.

With the guidance of a designated mentor you will take part in activities designed around your needs, whether on a one-to-one basis or in a small group, the choice is yours. We will help you take the next step to get where you want to be, build your confidence and increase your chances of a brighter future.



The NEET programme provides you with a structured timetable to help you gain qualifications, skills & the opportunity to engage in community projects.

You will be supported by your tutor throughout the programme to achieve your individual goals in a way that works for you. The programme is designed as a step closer to gaining employment, voluntary work or moving onto further education.

What You Get


Functional Maths
Functional maths is different to GCSE Maths as it focuses on learning skills that can be transferred into everyday situations. It is not taught through a strict curriculum and you learn subjects in functional maths that you will need to use in the future.
Functional English
Functional English is based around reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is focused on skills that are transferable for use in college or employment in the future. All the areas that you will cover will help you improve vital communication skills needed for adult life.
Employability & Personal Development
Our course in employability and personal development is all about helping you gain the skills to help you apply for jobs or colleges. It has units based on CV writing, job searches and interview skills. The personal development side of the course includes units on team work and communication skills.
Customer Service

Our customer service course can benefit anyone wanting to enter a customer focused field. Within the course you will learn vital skills that can be transferred into a customer service career. Included are units focused on communicating effectively with customers, dealing with requests and complaints and the importance of a positive attitude towards customers.

Parenting Awareness
Our parents-to-be course is an introduction to parenting. It involves sections about pregnancy, birth and caring for an infant or small child. The course entails helping young people understand the responsibilities parenting involves and to give them guidance for the future.
Land Based Studies
Land based studies is about outdoor activities and team work. The course involves learning and working on small gardening projects as well as building and maintaining outdoor projects. Aspects of correct work behaviour and safety are covered. The course involves working on outdoor projects such as the Raincliff Woods community project.

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Working with Community Works

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Learner Stories

When I started, I was very anxious and did not get on with people or do well with anxiety. Amber has done amazing, working above and beyond for me. She has helped me come out of my shell...


I would recommend Futureworks to others as I love it here, I feel so welcome and I can talk about anything with anyone."


Futureworks is an ideal place for young people to find structure and confidential support outside of the family.


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