Hello to our lovely blog readers and might I say you’re looking radiant today…

Our most recent posts have been introducing our staff. This time, we thought we would take a break from our intro’s and put our learners in the limelight.

Futureworks currently work with people aged 14 up to 58 years old (we won’t mention names…) We have a diverse range of people – and when we say diverse, we really do mean it! Our clients include a professional chef, two former nurses and a lady with a law degree. We have busy mums, learners who are looking to go to university and people who are looking to completely change careers or need some direction.

Recently, our younger learners were tasked with explaining “what do you think we do at Futureworks?” (Thankfully they didn’t reply with, “eat lot’s of cake”). Their responses included the following:

“Making friends and meeting new people”         “Support”

“Have a laugh”              “Gets me out of bed”         “Achieve qualifications”

“A better future”      “Inspire”      “Help looking for jobs”

“Helping to grow confidence”                  “Keeping me out of trouble”

“Learning skills to prepare me for the future”

Above all, our learners all have one thing in common: They aspire to make a change.

At Futureworks, we pride ourselves on the fact that we really do make a difference to people’s lives. We encourage, motivate, believe, and celebrate success. Our younger learners are able to sit and chat with our ‘more mature’ learners and everyone is here to achieve their own goals. We think outside the box and we’re very good at finding solutions to the most obscure problems! We have an open door policy (unless we’re having an off day -in which case the door will be locked, firmly bolted and we’ll be hiding behind it with a bottle of Baileys and a Black Forest Gateau…)

Okay, so we know that we can’t change the world but we recognise that with the right support, we can be a part of someones success. And that’s sick! (To quote the learners.)

Recent and on-going projects are shown in the photo’s – the learners gave our classroom some much needed colour (sunglasses are optional). They are also working with Lisa Borrie from So Visualise to help create props for shows. We hope to continue this  successful partnership in the future.

So, until next time… take care and don’t forget your emergency Kit-Kat on long journeys.

P.S We still have a house for sale if there are any takers???