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When I started, I was very anxious and did not get on with people or do well with anxiety. Amber has done amazing, working above and beyond for me. She has helped me come out of my shell. The things she has helped me with include getting my entry level maths and English. Helping get my daughter into Nursery. Helping me go to the Doctors and doing talk therapy at Crosslane. Helping me get into Scarborough Tec to study level 2 mental health awareness. Helping with getting a new house when my landlord was selling the home I was in. Always there for help and support when I was up and down with stress. My one to one with Amber was so helpful, she did not mind my daughter being there. She has made me feel better in myself and my life. I would not have got this far without her.


Futureworks is an ideal place for young people to find structure and confidential support outside of the family.


Jonny* was a self-referral to Futureworks NY, and he also had an early support worker engaging with him to help him access support. Jonny was enrolled at school but was not engaging and was due to be permanently excluded due to his behaviour and constant non-attendance. He was also involved with Youth Justice for some minor offending.

Jonny started with us in October 2020 and concentrated purely on his functional skills in English and Mathematics as these were identified as being at a low level due to his dyslexia and dyscalculia.

He later passed his Maths Entry 2 and is working hard at his English. Jonny has come a long way since October, attending each and every one of his appointments with his mentor David, either remotely or in person. This is far removed from his refusal to attend school in the past.

Jonny has expressed an interest of working within a practical career and jumped at the opportunity to get involved within the workshop with David and Jamie, the workshop supervisor.

Jonny has been involved with our donated furniture projects, along with making wooden coasters, and is consolidating his skills in practical applications such as sanding and prepping. Throughout these sessions, Jonny has engaged in discussions and conversations which helped him open up about his previous issues, He has also developed his ability to overcome these obstacles as well as build up resilience in dealing with them in the future.

Jonny’s confidence has grown so much since he started with us that he’s even stated that he has learned more with us than he did at school. We arranged an interview with the local Skills Village and Jonny to discuss his future and a possible apprenticeship in plastering which was very successful, and Jonny is now on working with them up at the Skills Village.

*name has been changed.


I would recommend Futureworks to others as I love it here, I feel so welcome and I can talk about anything with anyone.


We love to tell you about our learner stories, all of which are totally unique and always inspirational.

We would like to tell you about Ben, is now 18 and was referred to us by his mum, who had about us through Facebook and through marketing on local radio.

Ben was spending a lot of time alone and suffered from anxiety, so he found it difficult to leave the house. The anxiety was the result of bullying at school.

It was tricky getting Ben to visit us here at Futureworks NY however, he managed to come and see us and stay for a week, during which he came out of his shell with the help of the workshop supervisor, who has a daft sense of humour and a very supportive nature.

Eventually, while Ben was on his Futureworks programme, a vacancy came up as our workshop supervisor, and Ben had the confidence to apply for the position. He had an interview with a third party and he succeeded in gaining the apprenticeship. Ben is a natural in the workshop environment, is willing to try  new things and is a huge asset to the team.

Ben now helps learners with their work and his skill set is expanding rapidly.  We are continuing to support Ben within Community Works.

Ben said: “When I first started Futureworks for the 12-week course, I was nervous and lacking confidence, with spending my time at home, rather than out and doing something progressive. The first course I had with Michael and the 4 other learners, I was stressed and anxious about the whole thing, second guessing myself as to whether I shouldn’t just stay at home. However, as the course went on, I found myself opening up, becoming more confident and making friends with those within the workshop as well. As the course went on, I found myself looking forward to the three days I would go to Futureworks, where I met with other people and continued my skills within what was being taught.

“The next big thing that came was me being told by Michael and Sarah of the position of workshop that was occurring at Futureworks. Like the start of the course, I was nervous and anxious about it, but thanks to those I became friends with at Futureworks and the confidence I gained, I took the gamble and applied for it. From that, I started to do work experience with Community Works where I became more involved with helping the other learners of the course, as well as learn new information and skills that I now use. At the end of the 2-week work experience, I became the Workshop Apprentice, working alongside Michael.

“Futureworks, for myself and the other learners who completed the course alongside me, has changed my life for the better, going from anxious and confidence-lacking person who stayed in bed for most of the day to who I am now, with going to Futureworks four days a week, with going to the Construction Skill’s Village for the fifth day, and helping out new learners who were in a similar position to myself at the start.”

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