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When I started, I was very anxious and did not get on with people or do well with anxiety. Amber has done amazing, working above and beyond for me. She has helped me come out of my shell. The things she has helped me with include getting my entry level maths and English. Helping get my daughter into Nursery. Helping me go to the Doctors and doing talk therapy at Crosslane. Helping me get into Scarborough Tec to study level 2 mental health awareness. Helping with getting a new house when my landlord was selling the home I was in. Always there for help and support when I was up and down with stress. My one to one with Amber was so helpful, she did not mind my daughter being there. She has made me feel better in myself and my life. I would not have got this far without her.


Futureworks is an ideal place for young people to find structure and confidential support outside of the famil


I would recommend Futureworks to others as I love it here, I feel so welcome and I can talk about anything with anyone.


Gabrielle came to us in 2017 through a referral from the Prevention team. She had been home schooled and hadn’t been doing much since finishing her exams, almost a year previously. Gabrielle had very low confidence and didn’t have many friends or really know anyone. From working together, we have taken part in lots of group activities and looked into Gabrielle’s future options and now she is at 6th form college and applying for Universities. The support service has helped Gabrielle’s confidence and she also now has a group of friends at college.

A Futureworks NY Casestudy

We love to tell you about our learner stories, all of which are totally unique and always inspirational.

One of our recent learner stories is that of Sam, who joined us for our Feel Good Friday sessions. His brother was already attending Futureworks NY and Sam’s story is one of both determination and talent. Sam has autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, so joining the team here at Futureworks NY was a difficult step for him.

By attending our Feel Good Fridays, Sam’s confidence steadily grew and he was able to work with the leaders and other members of the group. Sam then successfully progressed to joining our Futureworks Support Service.

He worked through his Functional Skills gaining Level 2 English, Level 1 Maths and Sam also learned Employability and Career Planning Skills. To gain his Level 2 English, Sam delivered a presentation and participated with group conversations and one of the reasons these were successfully achieved was because of the Feel Good Friday project.

Sam continued to develop his communication skills and overall confidence. His desire to achieve was clear for all to see and this made us very proud. Before joining us here at Futureworks NY, Sam attended a residential school for children with learning issues. He found it difficult to settle at the school and he came to Futureworks NY as a volunteer.  You see, Sam loves computers and he used his skills to maintain and update our computers in the Futureworks NY office.

Sam is also a keen photographer and he has taken official photos of various events. At our 1920s Themed Ball, Sam helped with organising the evening’s slide show and the table layouts and assisted with the music for the big night. Sam attended the event along with many others who have attended Feel Good Fridays.

Which really brings us full circle with both Sam and the Feel Good Friday success story.

To see our project having such a positive impact on Sam and on many others makes us very so proud and it goes to show that finding the right support  ‘works’ for a person’s ‘future’!

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