Hello and a very warm welcome to the lovely readers of our blog. We had a full house earlier this week as the new learners from Community Works came and gave us a helping hand or two. Our wallpapering fairy (Michelle) has papered the house from top to bottom and is loving it so much that she can now be found wallpapering the corridors in The Street building – all in grey, of course.

The word of the week is prepping – the dining room has been sanded and is ready for painting, the front garden has been made ready for the pebbles laying and Andy has been grouting the kitchen. Ben is still a regular volunteer, happy to learn anything we’ve thrown at him!

Michael has created a mantle piece from a log donated by B&Q – Blue Peter, eat your heart out.  Our carpet fitter, Steve Marsh, is going to be volunteering his time to show some of the group how to measure and lay carpets next week. With support from Boyes, we have purchased the carpets to complete the top floor. Once they are laid, EVERYONE will then be banned from going up there!!

We feel like we are officially on countdown to the completion now – a celebration is surely on the horizon… (Not your bog standard ‘this time of year’ event with Santa, a raffle and elves obviously as we’ve got our own supply of little helpers)…