Hello everyone. Due to the on-going success of our renovation blog we have decided to continue this platform to keep you up to date on the goings-on of Futureworks.

Our blog will introduce our staff to you over the coming weeks and months and share the fun and inspirational stories that our learners provide us with. We want to celebrate their achievements and let you know about any forthcoming events.

This week, the blog is looking at Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) – a programme that is aimed at those who are aged 18+ and have barriers that are preventing them from moving forward. These barriers may include health issues, long-term unemployment or lack of qualifications. We work one-to-one with clients to address the issues they face and look to find possible solutions. We can also offer Maths and English qualifications up to Level 2 for those who wish to learn.

Our Keyworker is Wendy:


Wendy is a shy and retiring member of the team… (??????!!!!!!!) She has established some really positive relationships with her clients and feels that the programme has been invaluable to everyone who has engaged so far.

We have seen participants starting work or university when they previously lacked the self-confidence or qualifications to help them achieve their goal. We have also been able to help clients to access counselling and art therapy.

ATI looks to celebrate the success of our participants and we are regularly invited to The Big Thinking Events where we get to listen to the inspirational stories of those who have established ways to move forward. The guest speaker at our last event was Richard McCann who spoke about the impact that the death of his Mother had on him and his sisters, telling us how he has dealt with the highs and lows of life.

Here is Wendy getting told off by Richard McCann and then another once they’d made friends…

If you are aged 18+ and think that ATI could help you – give us a ring on: 01723 449616 for more information. We currently have availability on the programme and you would be made very welcome. Wendy makes a lovely cup of tea and sometimes she treats you to biscuits. But only on special occasions.

Next time …

Join us to find out more about our new member of staff, Jodi. She is working with our young people and has loads of ideas and energy!!