Famous for over 40 rides and lots of screaming … we can only be talking about Alton Towers!

When we first thought about visiting this famous venue, we wondered if perhaps we’d had a bit of wacky idea … however, we’re heading off to the theme park later this month! Hold on to your hats!

So … if the thought of a rollercoaster turns you a pale shade of green, you’re not alone …

The attraction is in the Midlands so we have to get there first before finding our accommodation and settling in.

Alton Towers itself is absolutely huge so we’ll have to be organised before the visit. There are so many rides, we might have to a wish list and see how far we get.

There are some scary names for these rides … Nemesis … Oblivion … The Smiler … Blade … we think some of the team might prefer Postman Pat’s Parcel Post ride!

So as well as a day or two away from Scarborough, what are hoping to get out the Alton Towers trip?

A change of scene … a chance for everyone to experience a world-class attraction … maybe learn a bit of patience if there are lots of queues.
We’re looking forward to the visit as some of our fabulous learners haven’t ventured outside of Scarborough very much so it’s a great opportunity to see motorways, busy towns and have a change of scene.

We’re also hoping to help get some new and useful skills acquired … buying tickets … building confidence … also being away from a familiar setting and getting used to new surroundings.

We are sure some of us will need to ‘have a rest’ after a ride, especially if the rides make some of us feel sick! We’ll just make sure we don’t eat too many hot dogs and ice creams beforehand.

We are really looking forward to it and we’ll update you when we get back. And to keep you interested, here’s five things you (probably) didn’t know about Alton Towers …

You can stay at Alton Towers in a hotel, a tree house, a lodge or even a stargazing pod!

They also host events at Alton Towers including street dance festivals.

The attraction has an extraordinary golf course.

If you fancy a bit of pampering, it also has a spa facility.

The site itself dates back over 200 years while the theme park opened in 1980 (some of weren’t even born then – eek!)