Welcome to our first blog entry.

Futureworks have officially completed our first week as house renovators and what a productive week it’s been! Thanks to the enthusiasm of our learners (along with Sarah and her new steel toe capped boots…) we have almost gutted the inside of the house ready for the damp proofing. Wallpaper is currently being stripped off and, although flowered wallpaper could be classed as ‘vintage’, we’re much preferring the paper free walls.The old kitchen has been removed and taken to the tip, courtesy of Sarah and Michelle. The concrete is being dug up in the front yard and everyone is slowly but surely turning grey… (from the dust, not the hard labour). Micheal is well and truly ‘plastered’ and has the cuts and bruises to show he’s been busy.

We can’t wait to share more photo’s with you as the work progresses. fireplace

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton