Matrix Quality Standards for Futureworks NY


Here at Futureworks NY we have been awarded the coveted Matrix quality standard once again for information advice and guidance services the team provides, and we’re so pleased.

The accreditation, delivered by the Growth Company on behalf of the Department of Education, has been awarded to our team in recognition of the quality of work we do.

We are delighted as the conditions of the accreditation are rigorous, and we had to submit evidence, sample records, attend meetings and send documentation as part of the assessment process.

We worked very hard to set up Futureworks NY, which we founded in 2012 and this accreditation is testament to all the hard work that is carried out by the whole team.

We were re-assessed this year, as the quality standard has a duration of three years. We achieved the accreditation in August 2023 for the second time running.

The revised Matrix standard was launched in May of this year after two years of hard work. It remains a world-class standard for organisations.

Of the work Futureworks NY does in the community, the Matrix report states the following:

“Their person-centred approach ensures each person is treated individually where their needs and requirements are fully considered. All the time clients/learners are with Futureworks, their progress and development is facilitated by a focused team in a highly supportive and encouraging manner.

“Over a sustained period of years, Futureworks have worked successfully towards the achievement of a range of measurable targets and outcomes across contracts and programmes of support. Even through the Covid-19 pandemic, they continued to deliver their service as well or even better than many other providers.

“Despite the challenging individuals and groups Futureworks have had to support, they have been effective and successful in the last 3 years. They have achieved this through their close relationships with partners providing comprehensive training and development programmes for those people in the community who require more individualised and often wider support.”

We are really pleased with the Matrix report, and as we are now a charity too, we aim to be even more successful in the future.