Furniture Works First Birthday!

Furniture Works First Birthday!

We can’t believe it’s a year since we opened Furniture Works in Scarborough!

Our retail unit, which is located at 39 St Thomas Street, Scarborough, will be a year old on September 26th.

We couldn’t be more proud if we tried!

You can visit our shop in Scarborough or you can visit us online

We upcycle and sell quality furniture for the Scarborough community.

Valuing our Volunteers!

Valuing our Volunteers!

We have some amazing volunteers who are involved with Futureworks NY and Furniture Works, both based in Scarborough.

We currently have two regular volunteers who have had varied careers and each bring their own unique skill sets to our team.

Our volunteer each come in one day a week and help with upcycling of furniture and with other artistic endeavours.

We truly value the experience and knowledge our volunteers bring with them.

Likewise we hope they also get lots from their sessions with our learners!

We Are Helping School Leavers Find Their Confidence!

We Are Helping School Leavers Find Their Confidence!

We have offices in The Street and our own retail outlet, Furniture Works in St Thomas Street, Scarborough, is offering Future Skills, a programme of confidence-building workshops and events from 23rd July 2021 until end of August.2021.

Open to 16-to-18-year-olds, the course takes place on a selection of mornings and afternoons making up a total of two days a week. The programme will include activities, open days and workshops ahead of the new academic year.

We recognised that since March 2020, it has been difficult for those of school age and those seeking to attend further or higher education.

The Future Skills programme is part of our CLLD programme and will be led by David, who is one of our mentors. There are spaces for six participants per week and people can get in touch with us about it from early June. Places will be given on a first come, first served basis.

The programme is being supported by NYBEP, the North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership and the York and North Yorkshire LEP.

Call us on 01723 449616 to find out more!

Kickstart Scheme Success!

Kickstart Scheme Success!

Did you know we’re taking part in the Kickstart scheme?

The Government initiative funds the creation of new jobs for 16-to-24-year-olds.

Back in April, we welcomed Rhyanne Marshall, 18, who is now a retail assistant at Furniture Works, our shop and workshop space at 39 St Thomas Street, part of the Futureworks NY portfolio of support, training, and learning.

Rhyanne said: “I am really pleased to be part of the team here at Furniture Works.

“Skills I am learning include customer relations, product selling, stock control, taking orders, overseeing deliveries, posting items for sale on Facebook, updating the website, and cash handling.

“Retail is the line of work I am interested in. I applied for the role, and I was successful following an interview with Sarah and Michelle.”

Sarah Thornton, co-founder of Furniture Works said: “Rhyanne joined us in early April 2021 and works in Furniture Works 25 hours a week for the next six months. We became involved in the scheme thanks to Yorkshire in Business here in Scarborough.

“The aim of the scheme is to give mentoring support to a young person while they are being paid during their training. This reduces the risk of long-term unemployment.

“One of the key aspects is to build up confidence for the future as job opportunities return to our local economy.While we don’t have sales targets, we encourage Rhyanne to build upon her skills portfolio to include interactions with customers and liaise with the workshop team, so she knows what is being currently renovated.”

Rhyanne said: “The role is for six months, and I hope to be kept on afterwards. One of the many benefits of the scheme is that I will have the skills I need to continue a career in the retail industry.”

Support for Adults Seeking Work in Scarborough

Support for Adults Seeking Work in Scarborough

Did you know that Futureworks NY of Scarborough is offering support to adults as the local economy continues to recover from three national lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions?

Our Action Towards Inclusion (ATI) is an initiative offered by Futureworks NY and is a programme funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

The aim is to bridge the gap for adults aged 19 years of age and older as they seek work yet lack the confidence and skills required in the workplace.

The ATI initiative provides a vital step in building a positive future for adults in the Scarborough area. The ATI is an extension measure and is fully supported by member of the Futureworks team. It includes a programme of workshop experiences that provide multiple skills that can be used in numerous workplace situations.

The good news is the service is open to those seeking work and can be joined at any time. The workshops take place at the retail outlet Furniture Works in St Thomas Street, on Mondays and Tuesdays for eight weeks, taught by skilled and qualified Futureworks NY team members.

It’s been a very difficult year for all of us, and it has really affected job seekers.  The overall aim of the workshop is to give participants confidence and experience that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in employment. The ATI initiative also gives those involved a chance to meet new people and be supported throughout the course.

Get in touch with us today on 01723 449616.

ATI funding