Lucy – Thriving at Work – A Success Story

Lucy recently started a new job at George Pindar School near Scarborough as a teaching assistant and loves it!

Lucy already has her sights on gaining a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Qualification.

However, Lucy knew she needed her Maths and English qualifications to get there.

Futureworks NY Steps In

Through the Thriving at Work programme, Lucy accessed support through her keyworker Leanne at Humankind who referred her to us here at Futureworks NY for her Maths and English support.

Lucy quickly gained momentum with her Functional Skills and then initially focused on her English as she felt this was her strongest subject.

She quickly worked her way through her English and gained a Level 2 qualification.

On commencing her Maths, Lucy didn’t have the same confidence as she had with her English.

Yet, she worked her way through all the work set for her, with support along the way.

Determination to Succeed

Lucy sat for her Maths Level 1 exam but unfortunately did not pass; however,  Lucy was undeterred: she went over the areas she struggled with and rebooked the test.

The second attempt was not a charm for Lucy as she missed out on a pass by only a couple of marks.

Disappointed as Lucy was, she did not give up and again hit the books to revise her weak areas.

Third time lucky, Lucy was very nervous as she was so keen that she achieved a pass mark, and this time she did it!

Lucy passed with a grade well over the pass mark. Well done, Lucy!

And the next stage …

Lucy’s shear determination to achieve her Maths did not fade throughout her journey with us.

She now has her sights on a Level 2 Maths qualification.

Again, with the same fortitude, Lucy is working her way through the Level 2 work with support as and when she needs it.  

It has been an absolute pleasure watching Lucy get to grips with a subject she had no confidence with at the start of this journey.

We have no doubt that she will achieve her goals.