Here at Futureworks NY, based in Scarborough, we are launching our alternative, bespoke learning initiative from Tuesday 6th September 2022.

We are based in Scarborough town centre, and we’ve already had success with over a decade’s delivery of City & Guilds qualifications in Functional English and Maths.

Futureworks NY

Michelle Padron-Kitching, one of our co-founders, said:

“Futureworks NY is one of the leading providers of one-to-one learning, which many potential students find the most effective way of gaining qualifications.

“We can help learners aged 11-years to 16-years with bespoke online tuition.

“Our point of difference is that not only do we offer the relevant City & Guilds certification as part of the learning journey, we also include social, life and employability skills as part of our tailored tuition packages.”

Sarah Thornton, our other co-founder, said:

“Time and again we hear of parents and carers whose children find the academic system isn’t suitable for their learning needs and opt for the home education route.

“Here at Futureworks NY, we offer a rolling programme where the qualifications can be taught at the learner’s pace, and so the exams can be sat anytime throughout the year once the learners are ready meaning there is more chance of success.

“Our more rounded approach to learning also provides an exceptionally useful set of skills, preparing students for the world of work and or further education whilst encouraging young people to have the right set of life skills, thanks to our skilful team and the help we offer.”

Parents, carers or guardians can get in touch with Sarah or Michelle directly on  01723 449616.