Futureworks NY and the Sign of the Times!

Scarborough-based Futureworks NY is showing its community spirit with its latest  venture.

Futureworks NY which recently became a charity, picked up paintbrushes and tins of paint to help spruce up the new Chamber of Commerce information sign, just outside the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

Featuring a variety of businesses, the board includes an informative map and business details which are helpful to both visitors and residents of the town.

Sarah Thornton, co-founder of Futureworks NY, said: “We noticed the sign could do with a lick of paint and as members of the Chamber of Trade, we offered to help with the revamp.

“As a local organisation, we are very committed to supporting local businesses and other concerns. Our team of learners were only too happy to lend a hand.”

The Chamber of Trade is dedicated to supporting businesses in Scarborough and host regular monthly meetings.

Futureworks NY is now in its 12th year and has helped scores of young people and adults get their life into gear with gaining qualifications, life skills, workshops and more.