A group of our leaners went along to a Krav Maga self-defence session.

This provided an opportunity to help develop the ability to stay safe, while having fun at the same time!
Other positives included improving self-confidence and trying something new.Our learners were helped by Brian Armstrong, an instructor in Krav Maga Kapap, along with his team.

confidence 1

They encouraged our learners to have a go, even if it meant stepping out of their comfort zones!

As well as building self-confidence, it also gave the learners a glimpse of how physical fitness can help with an overall sense of wellbeing.
Personal fitness is always an individual’s choice, yet these sessions provided a fun way of exploring the possibilities!

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The session took place at No Limits Martial Arts and Fitness, Scarborough.

Krav Maga is a self-defence system, used by professionals and for personal safety, too.
Krav Maga is based on our own instincts and is derived from the Hebrew word “krav” meaning struggle.

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It has origins in the times of the Old Testament. Today’s version was finely tuned during the Second World War.

Thanks to No Limits Martial Arts, dedicated instructors put our learners through their paces!

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