Our Waiting List …

Our Waiting List …

Our Waiting List

In the current climate, our waiting list is not only long, it is increasing.

This means we simply cannot reach those who really need our help.

And we think, with just a bit of help, we can reduce the waiting list, helping lots of people in the Scarborough area.

Thanks to the hard work of our team, supporters and trustees, Futureworks NY has helped over 1,200 young and adult-age clients over the years.

From being founded in 2012, thanks to local businesses, individuals, families, volunteers, and of course our clients themselves, we are now a charity, based on the Yorkshire Coast.

Grant Funding

When charities and volunteer organisations receive funding, this is something to shout about!

Futureworks NY has received both Children in Need and National Lottery funding which is fabulous news.

With grant funding, however, the monies we work hard in order to receive are ‘restricted’ or ring fenced for certain essential tasks.

Other restrictions could be upon the age of those we can help; so anyone younger may have no choice but to join the Futureworks NY queue.

With these well-known organisations helping Futureworks NY, our remit is to help our clients according to the contract set out by funders, such as those mentioned above.

And of course, this is how it should be.

Our carefully planned strategy means we use our grant funding in meticulous, transparent ways.

Yet as grateful as we are, our waiting list means we need a little more help.


Yes, we’re using the D word.

No matter how small or large, we are delighted when we get monetary donations!
Anyone who can support by donating means they are contributing to our ‘unrestricted’ funding pot.

Obviously, we keep the accounts absolutely to the finest detail.

Yet ‘unrestricted’ means we can then put the donations to what we would call ‘best use’.

It means we have the potential to make inroads on the waiting list, particularly important during these difficult times.

Mental Well Being

While this is a ‘buzzword’ in some ways, having good mental health is so important, whatever age you are.

Many of our clients struggle with their mental health.

And as we know, this can affect everything in life, from lack of confidence to feeling isolated; from feeling powerless to not being able to communicate with those closest to us.



With so many challenges facing our clients, and as our team is at the very core of the extensive portfolio, we have at Futureworks NY, donations would be used in flexible, adaptable yet fully transparent ways.

Our sector is very fast moving, with new challenges occurring almost daily, our team is ready to meet these challenges.

Yet this constant fluctuation means even with grant funding, we simply can’t help everyone we’d like.

Benefits of Donations

A donation could enable us to ensure one of our clients has the confidence to go for that job interview or gain a qualification.

We can help our clients in so many ways, so they can exceed even their own expectations.


Other Ways to Help

Perhaps you are a business that could offer sponsorship or support, or know someone who might be able to help?

Any donation, big or small, WILL make a difference to people within our community, giving them the opportunity to gain personal skills and confidence and who knows they could be a future employee!

‘Freedom’ Funding

In addition to the fantastic contributions, we are awarded by larger funders, every penny that is donated by individuals, businesses, organisations and others  gives us the freedom to expand and adapt our services in a bespoke and effective way.

Ultimately, everything we do benefits not only our clients but the wider community, too.

From helping one of our clients toward employment to gaining recognised qualifications, Futureworks NY has an extensive, tried and tested format to the work we do.

At the same time, we are always seeking to adapt our services to meet current demand for those in need.

What To Do Next

It doesn’t matter how large or small, all donations are most welcome.

Donate here.

And if you love a bit of retail therapy which also helps our cause look no further than Furniture Works.

New Furniture Works Website Launched

New Furniture Works Website Launched

Have you visited our NEW Furniture Works website? ✨⚙️✨

If not visit it today! 

You can shop our latest furniture and home accessories collections, contact us about any commission pieces, learn about our upcycling and preloved projects, and so much more! ♻️

Many different items are donated to Furniture Works, including heritage and one-off pieces.

The Furniture Works website is the work of Website design Scarborough — by it’seeze

Furniture Works is our retail space at 39 St Thomas Street, Scarborough.

Our showroom is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm, telephone 01723 447887.

We are proudly independent, and our customers know that purchasing furniture helps our local community.

It also means one less item goes to landfill.

So, visit our showroom

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