We Are Helping School Leavers Find Their Confidence!

We Are Helping School Leavers Find Their Confidence!

We have offices in The Street and our own retail outlet, Furniture Works in St Thomas Street, Scarborough, is offering Future Skills, a programme of confidence-building workshops and events from 23rd July 2021 until end of August.2021.

Open to 16-to-18-year-olds, the course takes place on a selection of mornings and afternoons making up a total of two days a week. The programme will include activities, open days and workshops ahead of the new academic year.

We recognised that since March 2020, it has been difficult for those of school age and those seeking to attend further or higher education.

The Future Skills programme is part of our CLLD programme and will be led by David, who is one of our mentors. There are spaces for six participants per week and people can get in touch with us about it from early June. Places will be given on a first come, first served basis.

The programme is being supported by NYBEP, the North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership and the York and North Yorkshire LEP.

Call us on 01723 449616 to find out more!