All the Fs … Futureworks NY and Freedom Funding!

Here at Futureworks, we are very lucky in that we have applied for funding and we’ve been successful with the likes of Children In Need and other organisations.

These much-needed pots of ‘cash’ are more often than not ring fenced for particular projects.

This is completely correct and commendable, and various monies have helped fund our Adult Training, Youth Development, workshops and more.

Yet one of our aims is to become more self-sufficient with our fundraising.

In other words, by May 2025, we are hoping to generate £50,000 so we have the freedom to be flexible for our learners’ needs and requirements with ‘freedom funding’.

This will mean we are less reliant on ‘tied’ funding, enabling us to be readily responsive to those who need support, help and encouragement.

In 2027, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary and while this is some time away, we know there is ever-increasing demand in the local Scarborough area.

Therefore, by 2027, with the help of freedom funding, we are hoping to increase the number of learners we support by 40%.

We currently have a waiting list so there is definitely the need.

While this is ambitious, with help, it is entirely possible.

Freedom funding comes in many forms.

It could be corporate sponsorship by a local business.

It could be charitable ventures (we list some that we’ve already achieved below).

It could be a donation, however small (or large!).

Donate here! 

It could be that your workplace nominates Futureworks NY as your charity of the year.

And of course, freedom funding also comes about from sales at Furniture Works, St Thomas Street, Scarborough.

This is our retail space in the heart of our seaside town and is part of the Futureworks NY family.

Monies made from Furniture Works sales are ploughed back into Futureworks NY, helping ‘freedom fund’ the work we do.

So, it might be easy to imagine, if we had additional freedom funding, how many people we could help!

It would mean more learners gaining employment, a place at college or entering an apprenticeship.

It goes without saying that it means we can potentially expand our team as we grow.

We have already started the freedom funding ball rolling with our Coffee Works initiative.

Pop into our Furniture Works store, grab a fresh coffee and when you pay, you know those pennies and pounds will help someone who needs that helping hand.

Our team, including CEOs Michelle Padron-Kitching and Sarah Thornton, have also put their money where their mouth is.

Charitable events include walking the entire Cleveland Way National Trail; dropping out of a plane (yes, with a parachute!), tackling a couple of half marathons including the demanding Ravenscar Half (anyone who’s tackled this knows it’s a lung buster).

It has even been said it’s tougher than the London Marathon!

We have lots more up our sleeves.

So as we become funded more freely, what elements would we be able to fund?

We would be able offer an even more rounded service, so our clients could access support for mental health, financial issues and housing.

It would mean we could develop our provision of care on an entirely bespoke basis, so the individual’s learning needs are recognised, with earlier intervention meaning that person moves on and their strengths are recognised.

As anyone who’s applied for funding knows, competition is fierce.

There are more applicants per pot of money, sometimes reducing the chances of a successful application.

And as we approach the first anniversary of becoming a registered charity, this milestone helps people see the value of our work.

Yet with recent successes such as our clients receiving their certificates, it’s clear to see how Futureworks NY and the work we do is essential.

Freedom funding means less reliance upon complex contracts and ringfenced pots of ‘spondoolies’.

Freedom funding also means we can help more learners achieve their own freedom; freedom from barriers such as mental health, lack of confidence, anxiety.

You can’t really put a price tag on that … so if you can help us and our team, we’d love to hear from you.