Furniture Works is our retail outlet in the heart of our seaside town.

This eclectic store offers a friendly, immersive shopping experience in St Thomas Street, Scarborough.

Furniture Works is part of the Furtureworks NY family; Futureworks NY is a registered charity, and the two work together to deliver support, training, workshops and more within the local community.

You will find Furniture Works is just seconds from local bus routes, a car park, and the bustling town centre of our favourite seaside resort.

And in June 2024, we celebrate our fourth anniversary ‘in business’ as it is four years since we acquired this popular, innovative and quirky retail space.

Four years ago, the world was a very different place.

We were in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, which reached its height mid-2020.

Works at the new shop

Lockdowns, social distancing, caring bubbles … remember?

It was what we ourselves call, a crazy time.

And of course, we are still dealing with the virus and the fallout of this exceptional event.

Back in 2020, though, we had already begun the Furniture Works journey before the Government announced the various, ever-changing restrictions.

So, in true Futureworks NY fashion, we carried on, even though it was one of trickiest times we’ve ever known.

Furniture Works finally opened to the public in September 2020 and we were very proud, even though we say so ourselves.

We received lots of local media coverage in the local press, on regional radio and more.

Customers were intrigued as to what we were all about.

We were definitely something new, fresh and different on Scarborough’s high street.

It is worth knowing that we founded Furniture Works on the principles of proud independence, where customers could shop for bespoke furniture and cool accessories away from the big names on the high street.

Furniture items for sale in Furniture Works are the result of our wonderful clients and workshop team transforming pieces into something desirable, different and beautiful.

Every purchase helps our learners and clients get their lives into gear.

The monies raised are ploughed back into the Futureworks NY so we can help support and provide guidance; help young people aged 15 and over, develop experience opportunities and even help people acquire accredited qualifications.

In other words, if you buy that table, chair or accessory, you are helping someone reach their full potential by way of workshops, courses and more.

So, it’s a ‘triple whammy’ in that skills are taught; something is created, giving a sense of purpose; and items are ready for someone to purchase, take home and love.

Our business model also means we are helping make the business sustainable: items of furniture make their way to our store, and then to a forever home, rather than to landfill or just left to rot somewhere.

You can browse our website and social media channels at your leisure 24-7.

Pop into our shop at 39, St Thomas Street, Scarborough, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.


Our helpful team is on hand to advise or simply be there if you need to ask any questions or you can phone us on 01723 447884.

We can collect donated items and also deliver purchased items for a small fee.


Futureworks NY also works with economically inactive adults with the aim of moving them closer to employment, increasing social skills and reducing feelings of isolation for our local community in Scarborough.

The team strives to encourage all ages to fulfil their potential through engagement, motivation, and support via alternative learning structures.

We continue to work within our community, encouraging all our learners to fulfil their potential through engagement, motivation and support.