Youth Geographies of Inequality Project

Here are our learners taking part in a session with the University of York for their research project – The Youth Geographies of Inequality Project

The project is run by the University of York and aims to unpicking how economic, social, cultural and environmental factors intersect with differing spatial contexts, and how these contexts shape families’ abilities to provide a varied range of support (financial, emotional and caring) to young people.
The hope is that the research will contribute towards addressing research gaps and help with development of local policies, especially those aimed at addressing widening health inequalities in North Yorkshire.
The project will produce a series of research evidence taking account of young people’s understanding, experiences and narratives of how they negotiate emotional support within their families and wider local web of relationships and context.

The learners have taken part in qualitative interviews and focus groups to participatory arts-based outputs.

The arts-based participatory outputs included mapping activities, walking interviews/photo go-alongs, zine/film making workshops and other creative and crafting activities.
We hope the learners participation has been useful and the outcome of the research helps shape the future for young people in our community
Another fantastic opportunity for our young people here at Futureworks, if you would like to know more about the work we do head to our website –