Proudfoot Supermarkets ‘Make a Difference’ for Futureworks

Proudfoot Supermarkets ‘Make a Difference’ for Futureworks

We are delighted to tell you that we’ve received £250 from local supermarket group, Proudfoot.

Scarborough’s family-run Proudfoot supermarket group supported us through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity, which raises funds from the sale of Heritage and Co-op own label products, in addition to funds raised via the four supermarkets’ in-store collecting tins.

We are so pleased as we know this is partly due to local people donating their small change when shopping in a Proudfoot store.

Thank you, everyone! With this generosity, we can continue to work within our local community!



Furniture at Futurworks NY!

Furniture at Futurworks NY!

Did you know … furniture can be up-cycled, reused and purchased, thanks to Futureworks NY!

We renovate and up-cycle pre-owned furniture at our onsite workshop. Renovated items can be purchased and find forever homes in the borough.

The project is run through the Community Works scheme, funded by the Big Lottery and is unique to the Scarborough area.

Community Works is open to those aged 18 to 25 years of age, and we have small, welcoming groups in which learners acquire new skills and confidence in a supportive environment.  One of the key areas of learning is furniture restoration and sometimes the piece that’s being renovated is completely unrecognisable as it’s been totally transformed. Our Community Works team includes Jamie who is never happier than when a paintbrush is in his hand!

As part of our on-going commitment to the Community Works project, we do accept donated furniture items however we do have limited storage space so please contact us for more information.

A big thank you to ‘Children In Need’!

A big thank you to ‘Children In Need’!

This year’s Children In Need is fast approaching (15th November) and here at Futureworks NY, we are so grateful and thankful for the funding we receive from this amazing event!

Our learners benefit from some of the funds raised via the national campaign which features Pudsey the Bear, star-studded celebrity line-ups and incredible life stories.

We can’t thank Children in Need enough. We have some incredible learner experiences as a result of Children in Need funding. It is such a worthwhile cause and while the TV event gets national coverage, the funds are distributed to numerous organisations, of which Futureworks NY is one.

So … thank you, everyone, if you watch Children In Need on the TV, then you know a local organisation benefits from it!


There’s a Kink in the Futureworks office …

There’s a Kink in the Futureworks office …

So you’ve heard of Kink … what next?

Kink, just in case you don’t know, is an essential member of the Futureworks NY team.

He’s cute, adorable and loves a biscuit or two.

He’s also got four legs, a long waggy tail and won’t say no to a nice long walk.

Yes, he’s our office pooch!

Most visitors, staff and learners tend to say ‘hello’ to Kink before anyone else … so he really is ‘top dog’!

Our office is a busy one with lots going on at all times. So you might think that Kink gets under our feet or we get under his paws.

However, if Kink isn’t around we really notice it. It’s as though there’s a huge woofy-shaped hole if he’s not here. Come back, Kink, all is forgiven!

This made us think of the positive impact a pooch can have on an office … and here are a few overall advantages ..

It’s good for the dog … rather than the dog being left at home with occasional visits, he or she can benefit from having human company and interaction during working day.

It’s good for the humans … even house-trained pooches need a toilet break. Accompanied by a human and a poop scoop means someone gets a break from the desk, phone and artificial lighting!

It’s good for keeping staff happy … often regarded as another member of the office workforce, the office dog can help reduce absenteeism as job satisfaction is improved.

It improves mood … everyone has bad days. Seeing the office dog each day means employees and visitors look forward to that pooch welcome, paws and all!

It can be attractive for future employees … if you are seeking new members of the team, then most folks love a dog to be part of the working environment. However it is worth checking for any allergy sufferers …

It’s good for team building … a shared love of the dog is a shared interest.  And it’s a great ice-breaker!

It’s great for working better … a pooch under the desk or lying at your feet can be both relaxing and reassuring. Stress can be reduced and therefore productivity can be increased.

Those of you who’ve met Kink know he’s a very lovable dog with the odd little growl escaping from time to time. He’s a big softie really, and we wouldn’t be without him.  Keep it up, Kink … we love you!


New season, new start at Futureworks NY

New season, new start at Futureworks NY

New season, new start!

So as September is now with us, it’s a change of season and also the opportunity to have a new start.

The summer is now behind us and the weather is much cooler … it’s all change!

It’s also a great time of year for anyone aged 14 years and older to get some help so their future is fantastic with Futureworks NY.

Our team can help you if, for whatever reason, you’re not currently in mainstream education.

We offer full support with learning, whether it is for functional maths, English and even employability skills so you can earn your own cash in the future and succeed in a working environment.

If you are overwhelmed by large group situations, then we’ve also got that covered. We work in small groups so your learning journey is easier.

And we can help build your confidence in team situations, too.

If you feel college is totally out of your reach, think again!

We can help get your ready for that important post-16 learning experience so you can have an education that is useful to you and provides you with skills for life.

We understand everyone has a different background, a unique story to tell, and different expectations … in short, you are YOU and as such, you are absolutely fabulous!
We just need to tap into your talents and show them to the world.

If you want to find out more about Futureworks NY and how we can help your and your future, get in touch.
Our team is really friendly yet we know that with just a bit of guidance, you can succeed.